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Please note that this is NOT my primary website. This site is set up for those students who are having difficulites accessing the DHS "Share Point" site (password issues...) For a daily breakdown of homework and assignments, please visit: http://extranet.dghs.pac.dodea.edu/classroom/pearson/default.aspx

I highly recommend that students DO NOT fall behind in chemistry or physics as what we are learning today WILL be used to learn the content tomorrow. Below are some general documents and useful web sites:

AP CHEMSITRY at Daegu High School 2013-14

Letter - AP Chemistry Summer Packet - Introduction and Instruction Letter__

Sceintific Calculator: http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/nsmedia/tools/Sci_Calculator/Sci_Calculator.html
Excellent Periodic Table of Elements: http://www.ptable.com/
Atomic Workbench - http://workbench.concord.org/database/activities/227.html
MOST Helpful Websites(In no particular Order)
1) Skill Practice – Bookmark this siteJ - http://science.widener.edu/svb/tutorial/index.html
Quiz Yourself J - http://chemunder.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/under/chemed/qbank/quizmain.htm
3) Practice Problems & Games - http://www.quia.com/profiles/hgannon - Some games are kind of fun.
4) Practice Problems – Good Stuff - http://antoine.frostburg.edu/chem/senese/101/index.shtml
5) Chemistry Tutorials -http://www.chemtutor.com/ - The name says it all
6) WOW – Scroll to the bottom (College Chemistry Tutor) - http://pages.towson.edu/ladon/
7) Lots of great tutorials & practice problems - http://www.sciencegeek.net/Chemistry/index.shtml
8) VIDEOs to support Tutorials - http://www.chemteam.info/ChemTeamIndex.html
9) Fundamentals to Advanced Topics - http://www.chem.uiuc.edu/webFunChem/GenChemTutorials.htm
10) Lots of Tutorials on everything - http://www.chem.vt.edu/chem-ed/genchem.html
11) College Chemistry Support- https://undergrad-ed.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/index.php?p=gc Take the quiz
12) More Fantastic tutorials and practic problems for chemistry - http://chemistry.csudh.edu/lechelpcs/lechelpintrocsn7.html
13) Variety of chemistry concepts - tutorial - http://www.learnchem.net/tutorials/

1) Notes on Powerpoint "Calculating with Sig Figs" - external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png Making Calculations using correct Significant Figures.ppt
2) PowerPoint Tutorial - Sig Figs- additional tutorial -1.ppt
3) PowerPoint Tutorial -Sig Figs- additional tutorial -2.ppt
4) OnLine Tutorial and practice "Quizes" for Sig Figs
5) Just do a google search for "significant figures calculations" "worksheets" or some variation of this search.

Problem Solving game - enjoyable waste of time :-)[[@exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://fantasticcontraption.com| http://fantasticcontraption.com]]

Chemistry Questionnaire from a previous school year: June 2010 -

*Remember- Students are responsible for ALL classwork, homework, labs, notes, quizes, and tests. Regardless if a student is absent, late, at the nurse, on a fieldtrip, or for any other reason... students are still responsible for all work during the time/days that they missed class. Homework is due at the BEGINNING of class and will be graded on effort and completeness. I will accept any late assignments for 1/2 credit if it is turned in within ONE week of being late - after ONE weeks, I will not accept it. I am usually available before school, during lunch, and after school (except Tuesdays & Wednesdays) if a student needs to take a quiz, take a text, do a lab, or ask questions. If another time is needed, it is the student's responsibility to arrange a time.
YOUR education is YOUR responsibility**, I am here to assist you, but you have to put forth the effort :-)