Past Documents and Power Point Presentations for Intro to Engineering

Types of Questions for the Final Exam -

Last of the reading notes:

Quiz on Sections 7.1 and 7.2 will be on Friday 5/14

(In Class assignment for Tue 5/11) - Investigating the energy in a spring.
Use the following simulation:
Complete the questions on the attached spring simulation document:

(Homework assignment and
on Tue 5/11) -

(Homework assignment and
on Tue 5/4) -

(In Class Assignment for Thur 4/22) -
on Reading Notes SEC 5.6 & 5.7

(Homework assignment due
on Thur 4/22) -

(In Class Assignment for Tue 4/20) - Kirchoff's Laws

(In Class Assignment for Fri 4/16) -
on Reading Notes SEC 5.3 - 5.5

(Homework assignment due on Fri 4/16

(In Class
Assignment for Thur 4/15)

(Homework assignment due on
Thur 4/8
) :
NOTE: There will be a quiz based on these notes on Thursday 4/8 at the beginning of the class.

Circuit Simulators (current and resistance):

(NOTE: you need to do a "save as" in order to load the SAVED configurations above for the circuit consruction kit)

Basics of Electricity:

Truss style bridges for bridge building activity

Homework assignment due on Tue 2/23

(Homework assignment due on Thur 2/18
-- There will be a quiz based on these reading notes)

(Homework assignment due on Tue 2/9) -

(In class Assignment for Thur 1/28)

(In class Assignment for Tue 1/26)

Midterm for Intro to Engineering will be on

Tues 1/19/10


(In class assignment for Tuesday 1/12/10) -Assignement 4:
*Please note that this is not the same as the assignment for the MCC class and has been simplified for us ;-)

(In Class assignment for Thursday 1/06/10) - Work through the tutorial and save your work in a diary.

(In Class assignment for THURSDAY 12/17) -

(In class assignment for TUESDAY 12/15) -

Tuesday 11/24 - Practice Problems -

(Tuesday 11/3/09 - In Class Assignment - Intro to bridges)
- The Basic Bridge Types
- PBS : Building Big -
JOINTS - (Use this Power Point Presentation)
Other Links to Consider How bridges work -

Is this something we would be interested in?
-- (In Class Assignment for Thur

10/29) -- Vectors in forces - Tension (In Class Assignment for Tue 10/27) -- Vectors

(Please make sure that you know how to make conversions using Dimensinal Analysis)

Dimensional Analysis Tutorial -
Dimensional Analysis Practice Problems -

(Oct 1 - Oct 6)

Engineering Disciplines Powerpoint is due on

October 1st__**. Below are the rubric for the assignment and an example of a ppt.

(Sept 1 - Sept 18)