Emergency Sub Plans:

In the event of an emergency, all of Mr. Pearson's classes are to do the following assignments:

DAY 1 - (To be completed by all classes)

1) Individual Assignment - Complete a guided notes worksheet while watching a power point presentation on GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. Depending on the substitute teacher's instructions, the powerpoint may be either shown to the entire class, OR students will need to share the six computers in the back of the classroom to view the powerpoint presentation:

Students should complete the top portion of the worksheet (questions a,b,c) prior to watching the powerpoing.

This assignment is DUE at the end of the class.

A discussion to follow as directed by the substitute teacher.

IF students finish early, students should start working on "DAY 2" assignment (see below)

DAY 2 - (To be completed by all classes)

CHEMISTRY CLASSES - Research and create your own power point presentation about "Chemistry and Our Enviroment". PHYSICS Classes can work on either Chemistry or PHYSICS and our Environment.

There must be at least six groups (because there are six computers). Groups of three can occur only after the first 12 students have paired up on the six computers.

Examples for your research and power point could be:
--a) The chemistry behind hydrogen fuel cells in cars
--b) Chemical improvements in batteries for electric cars and hybrid vehicles
--c) How do scientists monitor the green house gases
--d) How are chemical waste products being stored to prevent environmental damages
--e) The dangers of household chemicals and How to PROPERLY dispose or our own household chemicals
--f) How chemistry is used to test (monitor), treat, and protect our drinking water supplies

*Anything that relates some form of chemistry and our environment

The rubric for your power point presentation is as follows:
-1) At least ten slides (It should take you more than ten slides to fully detail the requirements below)
-2) Identification of the problem
-3) Identification of how chemistry is related to solving/causing this identified problem
-4) Your presentation should be created to inform your classmates (you should not need a college degree to understand it)
-5) Good use of pictures and images to support your research and presentation
-6) Text (words) are use appropriately (easily readable, no lengthy pages of pure text, etc)
-7) Proper use of grammar and spelling (slides should be neat and professional in appearance)
-8) Answer the question: "What surprised you the most while you were researching your topic - EXPLAIN WHY"

NOTE: This assignment "shoud" take you all period and possible part of the next period to complete.

DAY 3 - (To be completed by all classes)

1) If not already printed, print out the first four pages of the following document - Carbon structures handout.doc
2) Students should use the first two pages (handout) to answer the questions on the last two pages (assignment)

IF students finish early, then they should continue working on their PPT from Day-2